The world’s only modular, high performance jet board / jet ski!

BomBoard snaps together in less than 60 seconds. One person can take each piece from the back of a car, transport each piece to the beach and launch themselves.

BomBoard has patents for the modular approach for personal watercraft. Take advantage of this new product to transport yourself to the water faster and easier.

We will offer multiple transport aids such as wheels, trolleys and hitch mounted platforms

Here is what people are saying about BomBoard:

“It is easy to transport and goes together without hassle. It seems much easier than waiting in line at a launch knowing how to back a trailer up and getting it off and beaching it while parking your vehicle.”
“(Solves) storage issues trying to move it up and down stairs or weight restriction size.”
Current Jet Ski Owner
“Nice that it is lightweight”
Current Jet Ski Owner
“The small size to put it the back of their car, and it would be easier to store. The cheaper price would also help because it’s not as big of an investment.”
“It is easy to justify ownership of one because of the ease of storage and transportation.”
“The small size would help because it is easier to store and put in the back of a car. The lower price would also help because it is not as big of an investment.”
“It’s probably a good idea because people could store it in their garage, and they don’t need a trailer to transport it.”
“(Everyone) would definitely be interested in it. They would save cost in storage fees and more people who don’t have vehicles that can pull trailers etc. would be able to enjoy a water sport.”