You have Questions, We have Answers!

Below are the answers to some frequently asked technical, legal and roll-out questions, you have been asking.

Since the BomBoard is still in the pre-production stage, it is likely that some of the answers below will be modified as we progress, so stay tuned!


Speed 45 mph (72 kmh)
Engine 45 hp @7500 rpm
43 Nm @6500 rpm
Single cylinder
Closed loop liquid cooling
Single Overhead Cam
4 valves
Semi dry sump
Electronic Fuel Injection
Electric start
Pump 140 mm axial flow pump
4 blade stainless impeller
Size and Weight
Weight Power Pod:   90 lbs (41 kg)
Front Module: 35 lbs (16 kg)
Sponsons:  40 lbs. (18 kg)
Total Dry:  165 lbs (75 kg)
Gas tank Removable 3 gallon tank
18 lbs. of fuel
Riding time 2 - 4 hours depending on aggressiveness
Dimensions: Assembled length: 7' (213 cm)
Assembled width: 2'11" (90 cm)
Height: 20" (50 cm)
Module length: longest 3'6" (106 cm)
Construction & Materials
Hull: Modular construction
Stainless stell attachment rails
1000 lbs. locking latches (2)
Semi-monocoque frame (like aircraft)
Unsinkable with foam fililng
Twin sheet thermoformed hatches
Handle Pole Adjustable length pole

Subject to changes and improvements

Battery Lightweight LifePO4
Bilge Automatic electric pump
Colors Multiple colors. You help us decide
Customization Absolutely


Is it FAST?
  • Yes! The BomBoard will hit speeds of up to 45mph (72kph) with a 150lb rider.
Is it FUN?
  • Hell yeah! The BomBoard is as fun as any stand-up personal watercraft, but more stable and therefore anyone can ride it!
What are the engine specs and is it environmentally friendly?
  • We’re using a modern designed, 450cc engine which produces approximately 45 HP and just so happens to be a dirt bike engine (you KNOW they’re tough & quick!)
  • As far as environmentally friendly, the BomBoard boasts a clean, 4 stroke engine with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection), permitted on all waterways open to powerboats.
Is it safe? Is it durable?
  • YES TO BOTH! The prototype, despite the 4-piece modularity, was made from fiberglass and carbon fiber and the the production board will be made with even stronger materials - strong material for a strong thrill ride!
  • Keep an eye out for updates. :)
Will it be Customizable?
  • The BomBoard will be available in a choice of colored hatches and will offer a wide array of additional personalization options to choose from.
What age do you need to be to ride?
  • The BomBoard has the exact same age limit regulation as regular personal water-crafts (in most states, riders must be 12 to 16 years old).
Is it Noisy?
  • The BomBoard will make some noise, but we are currently working to further muffle the sound with our “water box”. However, even as is, the BomBoard is not nearly as noisy as the traditional personal water-crafts and most power boats.
How is $3,995 actually possible?
Creating the world’s lowest cost, high performance watercraft, required us to design for cost efficiency:

  • Lower weight hull materials, so a smaller engine could still provide the same performance as that of the traditional, personal water-crafts.
  • Expensive molds allow us to get low per unit costs, in volume.
  • Selling factory direct saves the consumer over $500 vs. going through a traditional dealer network.
Can I use it in the ocean?
  • Yes! The BomBoard works brilliantly in fresh AND saltwater! The light weight means the BomBoard rides atop larger ocean waves, so you get more up & down motion and it’s easier to do thrilling air shots off the waves!
When can I get one?
  • We will be testing the BomBoard at rental locations during the fall of 2016 with consumer units available later in the year
  • During the first 8 - 12 months we expect to only ship to customers in the United States
  • Stand by for updates!
Where can I buy a BomBoard?
  • As previously mentioned, we will sell factory direct to consumers, so you will be able to reserve and buy your BomBoard on this website.
  • Until December 31, 2015 you will be able to go to our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to get a BomBoard with incredible savings and to make reservations with smaller down payments.
  • We will also have local experts, or BomMasters, to show off the BomBoard, provide demo rides, and visit potential customers.
Where will it be manufactured?
  • The BomBoard will be manufactured in Whitewater, Wisconsin.
  • We will also source components from worldwide scale suppliers.
How is the BomBoard regulated?
  • BomBoards are treated the same as other personal water-crafts from a legal perspective. [Life jackets required!]
What are the registration requirements?
  • The BomBoard must be registered in your state and you will have to pay associated local sales taxes and registration fees.
  • As a service, we will help you get your BomBoard registered, and YOU out on the water!
Do I need a drivers licence?
  • No, no state requires a driver's license to ride a BomBoard. However, most states do require people under a certain age to take a safety course available on or off-line.
Will the production copy look like the prototype?
We are making significant improvements to the aesthetics of the BomBoard. Check out our artist rendering of the production version at the top of this page.