Factory Direct

See, Try, Buy!

  • Learn everything you want/need to know about BomBoarding from the action-experts (you all) via social media (videos, comments, how-tos...etc).
  • Local experts, or “BomMasters”, can meet customers anywhere and provide demo rides!
  • Online Ordering, Customization and Financing!
  • Haggle-Free Buying Experience!
  • Easy Delivery: Hand delivered by a BomMaster or shipped direct!
  • Easy, Quick, Repairs: BomBoard Service Centers will repair within 24 hours - Don’t lose another weekend of fun!

Our goal is to not only provide an amazing product to propel your need for action, but to cultivate a thriving community of active individuals that want to live the lifestyle and support each other in many arenas.

Over time, we hope people will recognize BomBoarding as more than just an amazing action-sport, but realize it’s a lifestyle.

BomBoarders are healthy, sports-minded individuals, that pride themselves on being the people others will want to look up to.

We consider anyone who is interested in watersports and registers on our site as part of the BomBoarding community. We will keep you informed of BomBoard updates but will absolutely not sell your data or send you any third-party promotions.

How do I become a BomMaster?

BomMasters are a cadre of local water sports, high energy lifestyle enthusiasts who will act as our BomBoard™ brand ambassadors. BomMasters must be expert BomBoarders who can show off their high octane tricks and stunts on local waterways to impress potential buyers.

BomMasters will love the outdoors, live the BomBoard lifestyle, and enjoy talking to anyone about the BomBoard. We are not just looking for sales people who want to make a quick sale, but for true brand ambassadors. We are passionate about our product and so are our BomMasters.

BomMasters will support BomBoard by providing top-notch customer support and ultimately, collecting email addresses from the potential BomBoarders. When all goes well and they join the BomBoard tribe (purchase their BomBoard), the BomMasters receive a commission.

If you are passionate about the outdoors, love the water and energetic pursuits, subscribe here to get more information on becoming a BomMaster!

Looking forward to seeing you on the water!

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