• Bomboard is the most significant recreational breakthrough in a decade because it represents the merger of Thrill and Athleticism with Portability and Affordability. I want one and so do most people who find out about this superb craft.
    John Jonelis, Editor
    Chicago Venture Magazine

Investment Opportunity

BomBoard is pursuing funding from Accredited Investors under Regulation 506(c) to bring the BomBoard into production and into the market.

Our Mission

  • Provide a new way to enjoy thrills on the water
  • Build an explosive growth, highly profitable watersport & action lifestyle brand company
  • Create and dominate an untapped market segment in the $20+ billion watercraft market by launching a unique, thrilling watercraft
  • Specifically target today's new generation of enthusiasts
  • Sell and service through a disruptive direct to consumer technology platform

BomBoard Founder & CEO Elevator Pitch

BomBoard LLC is pursuing a private offering for raising capital from Accredited Investors.



Our Process

The Investor section of our website gives accredited investors more background information on the company. Please contact us directly for information on our Regulation D, 506(c) raise


The legal Private Placement Memorandum is the only information accredited investors can rely on for their investment decision. Crowdfunding has a separate Offering Memorandum only available through the website
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