Go-To-Market Strategy

Disruptive Direct to Consumer Channels

The company will use an innovative combination of the Internet / social media technologies and local sales / local services methods to go to market

Steps Methods
See It On-line videos, demonstrations by ambassadors, at home sales calls by ambassadors
Try It Meet ambassadors at waterway, go to rental locations, borrow from a friend
Buy It Ecommerce transaction on PC, tablet or phone – easy, no price negotiation, no pressure, financing, registration, insurance
Live the Lifestyle Show it at the waterway, attract attention, participate in BomBoarding events
Talk About It Word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, post videos, wear Bom-Gear


Social Media to drive awareness

  • BomBoard uniqueness makes it worthwhile sharing with others
  • BomBoard is ideal for YouTube videos
  • Event/Competition Promotion
  • Word of mouth still strongest marketing method. Social media can accelerate the sharing.

Local ambassadors (Bom-Force) to provide trials

  • Bom-Force hired from ranks of enthusiasts
  • Equipped with demo machines
  • Goal: Introduce their peers to the BomBoarding Lifestyle
  • Collects contact information from prospects
  • Paid a commission when prospects buy BomBoards & Accessories

Website to Inform & Execute

  • Information, Education Portal
  • Place Machine Orders
  • Order Garments / Accessories
  • Obtain Financing / Insurance
  • Extended Warranty
  • Sell & Purchase Used Machines
  • Customer Service

Local Service Depots

  • Located in Warehouse Space
  • Providing Drop Off / Pick Up / Common Carrier Shipments
  • 24 Hour Turnaround Service
  • Next day common carrier delivery
  • Provide customer delight not consistently provided by dealer channel

Competitive Advantage of Direct to Consumer Channel vs. Traditional Dealer Channel

Internet Leverage

  • Direct: E-commerce Total Focus of the Entire Enterprise
  • Dealer: Focus Divided Between OEM and Third Party Dealers

Customer Experience

  • Direct: Own Entire Customer Experience From End to End
  • Dealer: Lose Control of Critical Sales & Service Interactions


  • Direct Channel Has a Minimum 15% Cost Advantage

Strategic Advantage

  • It Will Be Extremely Difficult For Existing Powersports Companies To Transition From a Dealer Channel to a Direct to Consumer Channel
  • Sets the Stage For a Major Market Disruption