Addressing Safety Concerns

Potential investors frequently ask about the safety of the BomBoard and how we address liability concerns. As shown below, personal watercrafts make for a safe sport. The BomBoard should be safer than traditional personal watercrafts and we will strongly support efforts to make it even safer. We will obviously carry appropriate liability insurance.

Powered watersports are safe despite a few highly publicized incidents

Accidents per 100,000 Vehicles

Fatalities per 100,000 Vehicles

Causes of Accidents


  • BomBoards should be safer than traditional personal watercrafts
    • Lower weight means lower momentum and faster stopping
    • No big front to block view
  • Company will strongly support safety guidelines
    • Use brand ambassadors to emphasize safety
    • Make on-line safety education available with purchase transaction for all ages (Fatalities: 85% had no known safety education and 30 – 49 age group as accident prone as younger riders
    • Encourage gradual learning until experienced
    • Stress importance of life jackets (40% of fatalities are drowning’s – 85% did not wear life jackets)
    • Don’t drink and ride warnings (even though alcohol not currently a major cause)
  • Protect company against lawsuits
    • Liability insurance quotes are reasonable and included in financial projections.