Target Market

Target Market

Primary Target Market

New Generation of Enthusiasts

  • Millennial – 14 to 34 Year Old
  • Learn / Communicate through Internet and Social Media
  • Live in Cities / Metropolitan Areas
  • Have Limited Storage Space
  • Have Limited Budgets
  • Drawn to Individual Freestyle Expression of Action Sports

Secondary Market

Traditional Watercraft Owners

  • 9.9 Million Powerboats and 1.3 Million Personal Watercraft (“PWC”) Registered in the US
  • Many Own a Waterfront / Lake Area Home
  • Launching / Retrieving Watercraft is a Hassle
  • Most PWC’s have only one rider
  • Buy Latest Water “Toys” to Entertain Visitors – Millennial Generation are Influencers
  • Have Financial Means For Impulse Buy

Open Playground

The open water gives you a new perspective. Whether you are on Lake Michigan offshore of Chicago or on a small lake in the country, being on the water is fun and refreshing with great views. It is a new perspective. The open water helps to beat the street traffic, the heat and the crowds. Being on the water allows you to express yourself. Being on the water with a BomBoard is pure exhilaration. There is nothing like skimming along the water in the unique BomBoard jet board . . .  just you, the water and the views. Being on a BomBoard is a pure adrenaline rush. You are flying along the water with the greatest views in the world. It is a unique opportunity to take advantage of such great resources.

With BomBoard, you feel the freedom of the water.

Unmet Need:

A high performance, personal watercraft that enthusiasts can enjoy close to home and easily transport, store and afford.


Waterways are the only open space in major urban / metropolitan areas for powersports products

30 Million Action Sports Enthusiasts